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The Talents we met on the way
  • Willy Niodo
  • Nathalie Tousnakhoff
  • Vanaja Braibant
  • Amina Ighra
  • Sébastien Langloÿs
  • Cécile Rieu
  • Bernard Beneito
  • Gilles Rieu
  • Fabienne Havard
  • Charo Villa
  • Benito Roman
  • Sandip Roychowdhury
  • Jose Higuera
  • Cyntia Estevinho
  • Judas Arrieta
  • Thiago Mazza
  • Jean-Pierre Pourtier
  • Mélanie Major
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Weekly Podcast: a Life of Adventures

Unveiling Human Talents

We all have a talent to share!

FAMILY PICKERS is above all a Human Network to value the individual talent of each Human Being.

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